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Preventive Care for Cats

Help your cat live a longer, happier life.

Preventive care is an essential part of keeping your cat happy and healthy. It will give you peace of mind and increase the odds of detecting underlying health conditions before they become advanced and expensive.

Vet visits can be extra stressful for cats; the foreign space and smells, unfamiliar noises, other cats – DOGS in the waiting room! This is why Dove Creek Animal Hospital has cat-only examination rooms, designed and dedicated for the comfort of our feline friends.

Each Cat Room is fitted with a cat tree, popular feline toys, and pheromone diffusers that emit calming chemicals to mimic a cat’s natural pheromone patterns. Additionally, our staff of Licensed Veterinary Technicians sprays themselves and any blankets and towels used for the exam with these same calming pheromones.

Our Licensed Veterinary Technicians are Fear Free Certified, which means they’re trained to work with cats’ specific needs and can help mitigate stressful situations.

We want your cat to live a long, healthy, and stress-free life, and we’re here to answer any questions you might have about providing the most comfortable vet visit possible.

Call us at (518) 627-9762 or request an appointment online to schedule your cat's annual preventive care exam.

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