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Home for the Holidays

Nothing is quite like cozying up by the fire during cold weather, and animals appreciate a warm place to cuddle, too. When temperatures are below zero, all pets should be inside. Otherwise, be sure that pets have comfortable, warm shelter outdoors.

Provide outdoor pets with a dry, raised shelter facing away from prevalent winds to prevent draftiness. The doorway should be covered, and there should be ample room for your pet to sit or lie down comfortably.

Use plastic food or water dishes to prevent tongues from getting stuck to metal when the temperatures are very low.

Provide extra food to outdoor pets who burn more energy trying to stay warm.

Honk your horn before starting your car to wake up any cats who may be sleeping in your tire wells for warmth.

Clean up any anti-freeze spills as outdoor pets may be attracted to the sweet but poisonous chemical.

Have many wonderful winter adventures with your pets!
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