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Potty training pups: debunking the nose-rubbing myth

It’s time to debunk a common myth that has been circulating for far too long – the idea that rubbing your puppy’s nose in their pee is an effective way to teach them not to go potty in the house.

Let’s be real here – nobody enjoys cleaning up after their furry friend when they have an accident inside. But as tempting as it may be to resort to this old school method of discipline, rubbing your pup’s nose in their own mess is not only ineffective, it’s also downright unkind.

Imagine if your boss rubbed your face in a mistake you made at work – not a great feeling, right? The same goes for our four-legged companions. Punishing them for something they don’t understand will only cause confusion and anxiety and could even damage the bond you share with your pet.

So what should you do instead?

Patience and positive reinforcement are key. Puppies have tiny bladders and can’t hold it for long, so it’s important to take them outside regularly to do their business. When they do go outside, be sure to reward them with plenty of praise, pets, and even a treat or two.

And if accidents do happen inside, simply clean them up with a pet-specific cleaner (not ammonia, which smells like urine and can actually encourage your pup to go in the same spot again) and move on. Remember, puppies are like toddlers – accidents are bound to happen, but with patience and kindness, they’ll learn the ropes in no time.

So let’s put this old myth to rest and focus on positive reinforcement to help our pups become potty-trained pros. Your furry friend (and your nose) will thank you!

Rub their Nose in it?featured image

Let’s get to know our pets better together!

Our pets are important members of our families, and it’s essential that we have accurate information about their health, behavior, and abilities. By debunking these myths, we can better understand our pets’ needs and provide them with the care and attention they deserve. Remember, when in doubt, always consult with your friendly neighborhood veterinary at Dove Creek Animal Hospital & Glove Cites Veterinary Hospital to ensure that your pet is healthy and happy.

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