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Your Pet’s Age in People Years

As many of you already know, our cat and dog family members age much faster than we do. To keep them healthy and happy for as long as possible it is important to be proactive! 🙂
According to the Pet Health Network, the following charts show (on average) how old your pet is in people years. This information is important because it will tell you where you stand with your pet’s health care.
From ages 1-8 it is essential to be up to date on their annual physical exam and preventative care (vaccines, heartworm/tick screen, and fecal testing).
At around 8-9 years it is important to start doing annual labwork to ensure there isn’t underlying disease. Also having your pet examined twice a year allows our veterinarians to pick up on pain or illness before it becomes a serious situation.
The bottom line is, pets don’t live long enough. They are in our lives for such a short period of time that it is essential to be proactive and take care of them through every stage of their lives. ❤️
At Dove Creek Animal Hospital and Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital we are here to help every step of the way. If your cat or dog has not had an examination in the past year, give us a call to schedule! Let’s work together to keep them healthy and happy.
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