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How to keep pets healthy during the winter

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Winter weather is as fun and exciting for some pets as it is for some people. On the other hand, not everyone enjoys it, and even pets that thrive in colder climates need some extra TLC when the temperatures dip. Take a few extra precautions this winter to keep your favorite critters healthy and happy.

Dogs still need their walks when winter weather strikes, but hypothermia and frostbite pose a serious risk to pets during cold weather. Elderly, very young, and short-hair pups are particularly vulnerable to dropping temperatures.

winter hiking
Have many wonderful winter adventures with your pets!
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Adjust the amount of time you spend outdoors when it’s chilly.

Avoid frozen lakes, ponds, and creeks where dogs could be injured or worse if the ice breaks.

Wear reflective gear (jacket, collar, etc.) while walking during those early winter evenings.

Outfit vulnerable dogs with a coat or sweater that offers coverage from the base of the tail to the belly.

Keep dogs on a leash during the winter as snow covers the scents that help stray animals find their way home.

Wash and dry your pet’s paws and coat after time outside to remove ice, salt, and other toxic chemicals they may have picked up.

Even better, put booties on your pup to protect her paws from harmful irritants and the cold ground.

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