The Healing Powers of Laser Therapy


Having a sick pet is stressful for both the pet and their owner. Pet owners can feel helpless against alleviating a pet’s suffering, but at Dove Creek Animal Hospital, we can use advanced laser technology to ease pain and heal wounds in a number of different scenarios.

Therapy Laser Treatments are used after surgery to reduce swelling and encourage mobility without the use of pharmaceuticals. In some circumstances we can avoid surgery by using Therapy Laser Treatments to increase blood flow and stimulate healing where there’s been an injury.

For geriatric pets with aches and pains, Therapy Laser Treatments can give them more freedom through movement and a better quality of life. For pets with chronic ear infections and common disorders such as lick granulomas, laser treatments can help reduce inflammation and irritation.

We offer both single session laser treatments and multiple session packages and will make a recommendation for each patient based on their unique needs. Therapy Laser Treatments can get your pet feeling like their old selves in no time.

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