Eliza is a Licensed Veterinary Technician who graduated from SUNY Delhi in 2017. She is a member of the New York State Veterinary Association as well as World Vets International Aid for Animals where she was able to assist in the spaying and neutering of almost 100 dogs. From a very young age, she has connected with animals on a deeper level and knew when she got her first dog Riley that she wanted to dedicate her life to the health and happiness of companion animals like him. 

On her free time, she enjoys reading, scary movies, cooking, crafting, and hiking. Her and her husband Clinton enjoy tending to their hobby farm which consists of chickens, Nubian goats, and Nigerian Dwarf goats. As well as staying active with their dog Rudy and cuddling up at home with their three cats George, Gregory, and Logan.

Licensed Veterinary Technician