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Before and After – SMILE!

February is National Pet Dental Health Month! ?
Check out these before and after photos. ❗️?❗️
These images are from a senior dog who recently had a dentistry. He had a moderate amount of tartar with gingivitis (inflammation/redness of the gums) as seen in the “before” picture. After a full physical exam and extensive labwork to make sure he was safe for anesthesia, a dentistry was performed including full dental radiographs (to assess any issues underneath the gingiva), a cleaning with the ultrasonic scaler and polish. After assessment of the radiographs and oral exam, a few teeth were identified as problematic (mobile and root exposure) and were surgically extracted. The gums were then closed with absorbable suture to allow for faster healing. Also, a therapy laser was used to decrease inflammation and swelling and promote healing. Upon recovery, he was sent home to his mom with pain medication and antibiotics.
At discharge, we also discussed tips for at-home care including brushing, dental chews, and a dental prescription diet. He will now live a more comfortable and healthy life. If you feel your dog or cat has dental disease or you have any questions regarding a dentistry, please do not hesitate to call or schedule an appointment at Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital!