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Meet Baylen 💙🐾🐱
On Wednesday he came in to see Dr. Kirchner because he was lethargic, vomiting, and not himself. After x-rays, labwork, and supportive care, Baylen went home. The next morning, he still wasn’t feeling better.
At the recheck exam, x-rays revealed dilated intestines, consistent with an obstruction. Emergency surgery was then recommended. During surgery Dr. Kirchner found a linear foreign body obstruction anchored in his stomach that extended through his intestines. 😱
Dr. Kirchner was able to remove the foreign body, and by the next morning, Baylen was back to his playful self and eating vigorously.
Baylen is very fortunate to have surgery, because if left untreated, this type of obstruction could have caused intestinal perforation.
We wish him and his family a smooth and speedy recovery! ☺️
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doctor and cat in treatment area
doctor and technician in surgery with a cat