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  Jennifer and Vision became best pals today! Vision stopped by for a visit with Dr. Sharpe. He is so handsome. He melted our hearts! #dogs #dogsofig #adorabledogs #dovecreekanimal #veterinarian #vetmed #labmix
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Jazmin & Fam

It’s a family affair!! ??? Jazmin came in for a visit with Dr. Sharpe today. She had the support of her little sister, Nova (the adorable Pomsky in Dr. Sharpe’s arms), and dad, Marcus.   Also in this ?: Dr. Sharpe and Eddie ?...
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Cooper stopped by for a visit today. He came in for his annual exam/vaccinations and got to spend some quality time with Dr. Reindel and Krystin. He is such a happy boy! #veterinarian #dovecreekanimal #silkyterrier #adorabledogs #cutedog