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Weighing Your Pet

  Do you know your pet’s current weight? ? Do you know what your pet’s IDEAL weight is? Weight gain OR loss is a key indicator of potential health issues. ? If your cat or dog has recently had considerable weight changes, it’s time...
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Shelter Drive Delivery!!

Today we delivered our donations to the Montgomery County SPCA. ???   Thank you again to everyone who donated to our 2nd Annual Shelter Supply Drive! We donated food, cleaning supplies, treats and $$$.   We look forward to our shelter drive each year....
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Sam and Apollo

Sam made a new friend yesterday! ? Apollo is a 12-week-old Newfoundland. Isn’t he handsome? ??   #newfoundland #dogs #dogsofinsta #puppy #adorabledogs
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Home for the Holidays

Nothing is quite like cozying up by the fire during cold weather, and animals appreciate a warm place to cuddle, too. When temperatures are below zero, all pets should be inside. Otherwise, be sure that pets have comfortable, warm shelter outdoors.
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Ben is adorable! He is a 3-year-old Yorkie. He stopped by for a visit with Dr. Will this afternoon. ☺️?     #dogs #yorkie #dovecreekanimal #dogsofinsta #veterinarian